Living Day To Day

Hi. Welcome to my Tumblr.Raped at 16. Angel Baby- Kylie; June 4, 2012. Left 2 year abusive relationship May 14, 2013.Self Harm.Depression.Anxiety.ED.

Demi Lovato is keeping me alive.

I have to upload a video today….
But I just simply don’t have the mental or physical strength to do it….
I’m just drained of everything

If I was your boy/girlfriend…finish in my ask.

(Source: suicideconnections, via unwritten-lovatic)

My body still feels like shit from eating half of that omelet this morning. Even after taking like, a 6 hour nap.
Skipped dinner. Couldn’t be bothered.
Told my parents that I wasn’t feeling well.
Wish it was that easy every day.

Can a person just like, give up on themselves?
Just give in to the voices?
Cause that’s what’s happening…..

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